What do I need to know to vote?

Voter Guide Bulletin Insert

What do Democrats and Republicans truly beliieve? 

The General Election is on Tuesday November 4th

Find out what your candidate thinks about issues that matter to you.
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Welcome to Cornerstone Family Council, your Idaho Family Policy Council associated with Focus on the Family. Whether this is your first acquaintance with us or you are a frequent visitor to our site, we strive to provide you with up-to-date resources that target issues affecting the family.

Cornerstone is the only state-based Family Policy Council (FPC) in Idaho associated with Focus on the Family. We network with the other Focus-associated FPC’s across the country, CitizenLink, Family Research Council (FRC), and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). This website is actively updated with information gleaned from our sister organizations as well as national pro-family groups.

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