Abortion 2012 Ultrasound Editorial

Dan Popkey is a likeable guy, but it seems that on certain issues of policy and politics he is so fused to his opinions that he is unable to separate them from the facts. Inevitably, the result of his target fixation is a hodgepodge of bias, innuendo and distorted facts. 

In a recent installment Dan took aim at Senator Toryanski with an out of context sampling of the senator’s floor debate on Idaho’s ultrasound bill.

Let’s start with some facts about the ultrasound issue:

  • 99% of all abortion providers do ultrasound as protocol.  Many try to convince the mother not to see it.
  • Requiring that the doctor make available for her the ultrasound he is already doing is not a mandate.
  • The cost of the ultrasound is included in the non-negotiable abortion/services package a woman pays upfront. 
  • Because of what is involved, abortion a unique medical procedure with uniquely specific, legal rules and regulations.
  • Abortion is an elective procedure with serious physical and psychological risks.
  • For any medical procedure, especially surgery, accurate medical information is critical in helping a patient understand what is happening to his or her body. And so it is with the extremely emotional decision to obtain an abortion.
  • Ultrasound is factual, objective, and non-judgmental state of the art science.  
  • The legislation specified that the type of ultrasound performed would be the woman’s choice in discussions with the doctor.
  • Protecting mothers and their unborn babies is a pro-woman, pro-life decision.

Regardless of how he would vote, Senator Toryanski was correct that abortion is an elective procedure.  Regardless of how he would vote, he was correct that it is common for legal medical requirements to be in place for many elective decisions a citizen can make. The facts he presented exist independent of anyone’s opinion about the bill.

The majority of senators voted “yes” because they knew ultrasound would help women and save lives. Since women have a right to choose they should also have a right to see all the facts.

Often, in a vacuum of information, mothers choose abortion and later wonder in anguish why nobody told them the truth. The ultrasound bill had the potential to save the lives of babies and empower women with information that could save them from the devastating torment experienced by so many post abortive women. 

Some people wonder why the abortion industry is so opposed to letting a pregnant patient see her own ultrasound…the objective, factual ultrasound the abortion provider is already requiring for his benefit as part of the abortion process. Ultrasound…the picture worth a thousand words.   

Ultrasound is unbiased science that delivers nonjudgmental information.  With that information a woman is empowered.  So much so in fact, that she might exercise her freedom of choice and choose to terminate the abortion procedure.

Abortion businesses cannot tolerate women walking out the door; neither can the entire pro-abortion ideology.  So, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Statesman blasted fear, distortion and chaos into the dialogue.

I don’t presume to know Dan Popkey’s intent when he uses his press pass to manipulate discussions on pro-life issues and politicians. 

I do know that not one Idaho Senator takes his/her job lightly.  Senator Toryanski and his colleagues who cast a “yes” vote did so responsibly; with a calculus that included facts, knowledge that all women deserve the truth, and pro-woman, pro-life, principles. 

They knew that the ultrasound bill could protect Idaho women from the agony of an uninformed decision and protect unborn babies from a silent scream.

Julie Lynde
Executive Director
Cornerstone Family Council