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Over 100K: Family Policy Alliance Supporters Taking Action at Unprecedented Clip

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:05pm
Chad Griffin, head of D.C.’s largest LGBT lobby group, arrives in the Kansas capitol to turn up the heat. But thousands of messages from Family Policy Alliance supporters helped religious freedom win … by one vote.

By John Paulton, mobilization manager for Family Policy Alliance®

It all came down to one vote.

The country’s biggest religious freedom battle so far this year was taking place at the Kansas capitol this month, and it had all the makings of a bad sequel to other religious freedom tussles that haven’t turned out well for people of faith.

The president of the largest LGBT lobbying group in the nation had just been in Topeka, and his well-funded group was running full-page newspaper ads to confuse the people and scare the politicians. They were joined by the ACLU and all the usual forces in opposing a common-sense bill protecting the religious freedom of faith-based adoption providers.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas staff were working the Capitol hallways, persuading legislators and imploring them to hold firm.  Statesmen Academy alumnus Rep. Susan Humphries, as lead sponsor in the House, was strategically maneuvering the bill to give it the best shot at passage. But still, the bill had earlier come up a few votes short of the 63 votes needed to pass it.

But thousands of emails and phone calls from Family Policy Alliance supporters in Kansas – many of them targeted to key legislators – helped write a good ending.  The bill passed with exactly 63 votes and was later signed into law by the Governor.

That’s just one of dozens of legislative battles that Family Policy Alliance team members like you have been engaged in all around the country this year.  Late last week, Family Policy Alliance team members like you reached a milestone for 2018 – more than 100,000 messages emailed or faxed to elected officials through the Family Policy Alliance online Action Center! That’s the fastest since we launched the Action Center several years ago.  And it doesn’t count untold numbers of phone calls, emails and other communications not sent through the Action Center.

Most importantly, it makes a difference.  As former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen was known for saying, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”  When you click to send a message through the Action Center, you may not be able to tell if it’s making an impact, but Family Policy Alliance staff often get to hear the comments by legislators about the calls, faxes and emails that they are getting from back home – and see the impact in legislators’ words and votes.

In some cases, those messages directly change votes. But those messages can also make a difference by emboldening elected officials who are already supportive of the pro-family position.  Likewise, legislators who are hostile to pro-life and pro-family values can become less proactive in their opposition.

“These numbers and these stories show the team effort that is really making a difference,” said Paul Weber, President and CEO of Family Policy Alliance. “Team members in the capitol working with Statesmen – combined with folks back home providing the “air cover” of calls and emails – that’s a powerful combination that, with God’s grace, is making an impact.”

Take Action: Check the Action Center to speak up on key bills, such as supporting this bill in Congress to protect adoption and opposing these bills in Congress that attack religious freedom.

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Unanimous Victory in the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Pornography

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 3:37pm

By Brittany Jones, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance

Sitting in the majority of coffeeshops across America, you will likely hear someone complain about politicians who can’t set aside party politics to get anything worthwhile done. However, our state ally, Minnesota Family Council, proved that it is possible to work across party lines last week. A Minnesota Family Council-backed bill to help the state more fully understand the link between human trafficking and pornography passed unanimously through both the state House and Senate!

Strong criminal laws against human trafficking are not enough. Too often these laws are not enforced, and they do little to stop the demand for trafficked persons.

We need to better understand what drives demand in order to prevent trafficking. Studies are beginning to show that, perhaps unsurprisingly, pornography conditions the brain to dehumanize others, priming users to become sex buyers.

Further, what many people don’t realize is that the subjects in pornographic works are being trafficked or were trafficked as children. However, without clear statistics on what is happening in this illicit trade, it is difficult to convince legislators to take action to end it.

Legislators in ten states have already recognized that pornography is a public health crisis. Minnesota decided to take the next step in the fight to end human trafficking by addressing what drives demand. The bill requires the state to gather data on the link between pornography and human trafficking. The legislation, S.B. 2554, requires that statistics about the use of pornography in human trafficking be added to the state’s already existing human trafficking report, and assesses an additional fine on those convicted of child pornography crimes and the dissemination and display of harmful materials to minors. Any money raised through this additional fine will be given to Minnesota’s Safe Harbor Program, which helps victims of human trafficking.

There was not a single vote against this bill throughout the legislative process. Meredith Campbell, Public Policy Director for Minnesota Family Council said of the bill signed by the Governor last Friday, “Preventing the commodification of humans is not a partisan issue. Dedicated Minnesotans from a variety of spheres, departments, and professions have been fighting against the sexual exploitation of women, girls, and boys in Minnesota for a long time. The leaders in this fight against sexual exploitation should be applauded today for their steadfast efforts to ensure that women and girls are treated with dignity and respect.”

When both sides come together incredible things can happen. Not everyone believes as we do—that every person is created with inherent dignity and worth, made in the image of God. But even unbelievers can see the need to protect human dignity, even if they don’t understand that that dignity comes from being God’s creation.

Minnesota’s new law is a huge step forward in protecting that inherent dignity and beginning to roll back the scourge of human trafficking and pornography.

If you live in Minnesota, please make sure you are connected with Minnesota Family Council to help with their efforts against human trafficking and pornography in your state.

If Minnesota is not your home state, we hope you’ll partner with Family Policy Alliance and our other state allies to advance legislation similar to Minnesota’s in your states.

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You Helped It Happen! Trump to Announce Regulations That Will Likely Cut Funds to Planned Parenthood

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:53am

As part of the coalition working to defund Planned Parenthood, Family Policy Alliance got great news late yesterday. Today, the Trump Administration will be announcing changes to the Title X program that will likely result in a reduction of about $60 million in taxpayer funding to abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

This victory is the result of lots of hard work by many, as well as thousands of pro-life Americans making their voice heard.  In fact, Family Policy Alliance team members like you sent nearly 8,000 emails through our Action Center to President Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, asking for this action to be taken. Thank you!

The Administration will soon issue new regulations that closely align with President Reagan’s regulations – prohibiting family planning funding from going to entities that engage in abortion-related activities. It will require clear physical and financial separation “between Title X programs and any program (or facility) where abortion is performed, supported, or referred for as a method of family planning.”

Currently 266 Planned Parenthood abortion centers are also federal Title X locations. Planned Parenthood would have to substantially revise how it operates to avoid cuts – something that most experts see as unlikely.  Assuming they do not make necessary changes, funding would be diverted to other entities that are not engaged in abortion.

Committing more than 300,000 abortions each year is Planned Parenthood’s main claim to infamy.  But Family Policy Alliance recently exposed another reason that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive a dime of taxpayers’ money – their work to push kids to change gender, permanently sterilizing and disfiguring otherwise healthy young bodies.

Please take a moment to thank President Trump and Secretary Azar for this bold and common-sense action.  You can send your note in just seconds at our Action Center.

Thank you for your action that is saving lives!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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Victory! Doctors Can Provide Better Care for Patients Than Assisted Suicide

Tue, 05/15/2018 - 9:25am

By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance

The American Medical Association (AMA) has had a longstanding position against legalizing assisted suicide because it is “fundamentally incompatibly with the physician’s role as healer.” Instead, the AMA rightly guides its physicians nationwide to “aggressively respond to the needs of patients at the end of life.”

In other words, the AMA supports what we all believe—every life is worth fighting for. And, no one should be abandoned to the hopelessness and lack of true compassion found in assisted suicide. Suicide always comes with a type of “giving up,” and American families don’t want the professionals they trust with their very lives to be in the business of “giving up” on them.

Last year, political activists pushing to legalize assisted suicide pressured the AMA into considering changing their position opposing assisted suicide. The AMA referred the matter to their Ethics committee to compile data, research, and feedback from people like you across the country to help them make their decision.

Family Policy Alliance, our state-based allies, and Focus on the Family joined together to send the AMA two letters asking the AMA to maintain their position opposing assisted suicide and to refuse to allow a form of suicide to be considered “care” for a patient. The letter shared with the AMA many of the points made by Dr. Bolthouse in this video about what assisted suicide means for the medical community. Thousands of you also signed onto the letter to the AMA!

And good news—the AMA’s Ethics Committee listened!

Last week, the AMA’s Ethics Committee produced a report after all their fact-finding on assisted suicide. They ultimately recommend that the AMA continue to oppose assisted suicide—and that doctors continue to work with patients to understand their goals and what brings them meaning at the end of life, and to explore legally available options for care. When the AMA meets in June, the Ethics Committee will present their report and conclusion.

Thank you to all of you who joined in asking America’s doctors to choose caring over killing! This is especially important as we see what is happening in other countries with legal assisted suicide. Switzerland has become the “final tour destination” where assisted suicide is legal for anyone who requests it in writing—not just those diagnosed with “terminal illnesses.” This raises serious questions about pressures that the elderly or frail may face to prematurely end their lives.

Even in the U.S. states that have legalized assisted suicide, men and women have reported insurance companies already declining to cover treatment for serious illnesses like cancer but instead offering to cover the far cheaper assisted suicide drugs—leaving patients with no real choice or hope.

Thank you again for partnering with us to send the letters to the AMA. We thank God that the AMA agreed that every life is worth fighting for! We ask that you continue to join with us in praying that our doctors will continue to stand strong against political pressure. And, we hope you will also join us in working to advance policies in every state that value life and reject suicide.


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60 Million Reasons to Ask the President to Take This Action on Planned Parenthood

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:17am

Your quick help is needed to urge President Trump to take an action that would end a portion (about $60 million) of taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood. Coincidentally, 60 million is also the approximate number of abortions in America since 1973 – a number that Planned Parenthood has added to more than any other abortion business.

Please click here to go to our Action Center and send your email in just seconds.  

Or for more info, read on …

Last week, Family Policy Alliance joined with other pro-life organizations in submitting a letter urging the Trump Administration to revise Title X regulations.

For far too long, the Title X Family Planning Program has been integrated with abortion centers.  Thus, the unified pro-life groups told the president that it is time to act swiftly to disentangle abortion centers from the Title X network.  Doing so would reinstate President Ronald Reagan’s Title X regulations and would be consistent with President Trump’s pledge to defund Planned Parenthood and reallocate funding to alternative providers.

But pro-abortion activism is intense in Washington, D.C., and President Trump and Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, need to know that they have the backing of thousands of American voters.

Will you join with us and make your voice heard today?

Thank you for taking action, and please pass this along to others as well!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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NEW HAMPSHIRE: Urge Gov. Sununu to Veto These Two Bills!

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 3:56pm

Gov. Sununu is about to decide whether two dangerous bills become law in New Hampshire.  Your voice is needed to urge him to veto them.

We told you last month about one of them, HB 587. It would push many minors toward transgenderism – by allowing counseling that encourages them toward sex change, but banning counseling that helps them identify with their birth sex. The same would apply to kids with unwanted same-sex attractions.  This bill would create a one-way street for New Hampshire kids – towards transgenderism and homosexuality.

The other bill is HB 1319, which creates a special class of civil rights based on “gender identity.” As our friends at Cornerstone Action observe, all New Hampshire residents are already protected under anti-discrimination law. This bill simply creates special rights for a few people on the basis of “gender identity.” If this bill becomes law, any man who claims to be a woman will be allowed to use women’s locker rooms, showers and bathrooms. It will also create inequities in sports, scholarships, etc.

Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for taking action!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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CA Update: The “Hush Up” Bill Hits the Senate. Join Thousands in Speaking Up to Senators!

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 11:48am

Before we get to the good news, let’s get the bad news out of the way first: The California bill (AB 2943) that tells believers to hush up on matters of biblical sexuality has passed the state Assembly and will soon be heard in the Senate. And it’s still just as bad as we shared with you last month:

  • A therapist or pastoral counselor could be prosecuted for helping a 20-year-old who is struggling with her gender and pays for counseling to help her accept her God-given birth sex.
  • A Christian college could face punishment if a professor teaches about God’s design for sexuality.
  • Even a Christian bookstore owner or non-profit ministry that sells a book that contains similar messaging could face the long arm of the law.

And now, at least one major evangelical ministry has already cancelled plans to conduct training programs in California out of concern over this bill. The impact from this bill could be huge!

But there IS good news.  All over California, people are speaking up.  Thousands of you spoke up to Assembly members, and although the bill still passed that body, the strong opposition started generating negative attention towards the bill.  Even the L.A. Times wrote an editorial about the bill that was quite critical.

Now it’s time to make our voices heard with senators!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Please share this message far and wide. Let your friends know that you are making a difference – and that their voice is needed, too!

Thank you for making your voice heard at this critical time!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


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Planned Parenthood: As if Abortion Weren’t Bad Enough…

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 11:27am

By Stephanie Curry, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance


We all know Planned Parenthood trades in death. Now Planned Parenthood is trading in death and gender destruction.

Planned Parenthood has recently begun to offer hormone services for people who want to change genders. This means that in addition to their big money-maker, abortion, they’ve added a new funding stream through stripping children of their God-given sex.

Imagine with me for a moment your 10-year-old son telling you he “feels” like a girl. The heart of a parent is to have a compassionate and honest conversation with our child about who he is and who he was created to be. If your son is truly struggling with his identity, compassionate care may involve engaging loving mentors and trusted therapists to help your son navigate the complexities of adolescent identity. The goal would be to assure your son he has a place in the world where he shines, with all his unique gifts and abilities, and helping him find his God-given calling. Who in the world would tell a child they need to become someone else to be valued and loved?

Planned Parenthood would.

And they are now telling children they can help them become someone else in twenty states.

Planned Parenthood’s motto is “Care, No Matter What”. Yet, their version of “care” is to tell your son he is a girl. They’ll tell him he’s always been a girl and was in fact born a girl in the wrong body. If your daughter feels like a boy, they’ll tell her she was born a boy and has always been a boy in the wrong body.  Planned Parenthood calls this deception how they “care”.

Their lie dilutes and corrupts the remarkable creation of biological sex to a mere label that a person is “assigned” arbitrarily by a doctor at birth.

To promote the lie of “gender identity,” Planned Parenthood will give your son synthetic hormones to stop puberty. This can happen in children even as young as ten-years-old—despite the fact that there’s near-universal agreement that insufficient long-term studies have been conducted on the use of these hormones for the purpose of “gender transition” in children. Once he reaches the age where puberty is supposed to start, they’ll start to give him another set of hormones called “cross-sex hormones”. These drugs will stop his facial hair from growing, promote unnatural breast growth and reduce the size of his testes, among many other things.

Their “care” will result in your child’s permanent sterilization, yet another way Planned Parenthood destroys future life.

What Planned Parenthood is really offering is “care, no matter whatthe truth is.”

No matter that every single cell of your son’s body has the male XY chromosome; No matter that every single cell in your daughter’s body has the female XX chromosome; No matter that your child’s risk of suicide just went up 20 times compared to those not taking hormones; no matter that your child will be on drugs the rest of his life to maintain his false identity.

The truth is, no amount of drugs can change your son’s sex.

No drug or surgery can change the more than 37 trillion cells in your son’s body that scream out his sexual identity and bathe every thought, every process, every biological response in “maleness”. Our chromosomes are not a mere “label,” arbitrarily assigned to us by a doctor. Biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and God’s Word all attest that there are males and there are females. This distinction was written into every cell by God and tell us who we are. We are human. And we are male or female.

This is the truth about who our sons and daughters really are.

So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27-28 (NLT)

Your children are priceless members of God’s creation—made in God’s own image, a reflection of His very nature! Your child being male, or female, is an immutable aspect of what it means to be human. It is a part of the fabric of creation and a reflection of God himself.

Your child’s sex is not an “after-thought” or a mistake. It is also not a choice.

Here’s how you can help stop our tax dollars from continuing to fund Planned Parenthood:

Please take action now to stop some of the tens of millions of federal tax dollars that go to Planned Parenthood.  Ask President Trump and Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, to stop nearly $60 million to Planned Parenthood by reforming the regulations on Title X funding.

Planned Parenthood has received enough of our money.

Thank you!

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When Eagles Fall

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 11:25am

It’s really no surprise.

Those with eyes to see could see the demise of the Boy Scouts of America was on the horizon. But the rapid decline in five short years came swifter than many predicted.

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America allowed boys who identified as gay into membership, followed quickly in 2015 by expanding that to include adults. After all, the thinking went, how do we allow youth who identify as gay and then turn them out when they reach 18? That can’t be fair?

Then president of the Scouts, Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama, urged the Scouts to end its ban on gay leaders just as he ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for the United States Armed Services.

Sensing what was coming and responding proactively, last December when an 8-year-old declared herself to be transgender—the BSA once again capitulated.

Now, to no one’s surprise, gender to the Scouts matters not!

Just recently, the Scouts announced—much to the protest of the Girl Scouts of America—that they would allow girls into membership—and change their name to accommodate this new policy.

In five short years… the Boy Scouts of America have deliberately undermined themselves by succumbing to the pressure of the radical few.  And, their membership is suffering as a result, dropping about 10% from 2013—2016 with the Mormon church recently announcing it would remove 185,000 youth from the program.

Boy Scout founder Baden Powell said in the early 1900’s, “Scouting is nothing less than applied Christianity”.  I think we could venture a guess at what he would say today about his beloved Scouts… perhaps I might take a stab at expressing it for him?

In 2000, I met a wonderful family from Maine.  They proudly displayed a portrait of their four sons—each donning their Boy Scout uniform and proudly wearing Eagle Scout badges. With four sons of my own who at that time were 11, 9, 7 & 5, I determined that they too would earn the rank of Eagle Scout. And each one did.

Last summer, I and my sons visited that family to thank them for their inspiration to achieve such a prestigious award. Yet, we all couldn’t help but mourn the take-over of the Scouts and feel that the honor had lost its luster. My own sons are now considering giving their badge back.

Sadly, one thing is for sure… my children’s children won’t be Boy Scouts… I bet Baden Powell would agree.

But there is redemption. When something dies, something new and better is born.

Through the leadership of dear friends—one in particular, John Stemberger, who also happens to lead our state allied organization in Florida—a wonderful faith-based organization named Trail Life USA has emerged. Trail Life promises to disciple boys to men. And set those men on track to be Biblical Citizens—those who know their God, stand firm and take action. (Dan. 11:32).

Since its official launch at the beginning of 2014, Trail Life has over 700 troops in 48 states and has grown to over 26,000 young men. It’s exciting to see God preserve a remnant of young men who will grow up in the faith, discipled by leaders willing to stand for our future.

Ironically, Trail Life USA can assure its membership remains true based on a Supreme Court opinion established for the Boy Scouts (Dale v. Boy Scouts of America, 2000) that upheld their right to determine their own membership. Even though the Boy Scouts abandoned this court precedent, Trail Life takes steps in its bylaws to assure that its leadership can never be infiltrated or capitulate .

But there is one thing more… it’s why Family Policy Alliance exists:  to ensure that organizations like Trail Life USA can continue to operate according to their faith.  And to do that, I ask for your continued support to ensure that we can elect leaders and promote policy that secures a future for our young men (and women) to live out their faith as they lead the future of our nation.

Let’s allow our Eagles to soar once more.

Standing and acting for the family of believers,

Paul Weber
President & CEO

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COLORADO: Critical Religious Freedom Vote at Capitol! Please Speak Up!

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 8:00am

No doubt you heard about the travesty of justice that happened to Jack Phillips, a fellow Coloradan and small business owner who is pictured above.  The state of Colorado punished him for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, and of course his case is pending right now in the U.S. Supreme Court.

But where did that case even come from?  It was an enforcement action by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, an unelected body that badly needs reforming.

Radical, agenda-driven leftists have used the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to penalize Christian business owners. Even Justice Kennedy, author of the decision to legalize gay marriage nationally, pointed out that the Commission has gone too far in their religious bigotry.

The Colorado Senate, in a bi-partisan and unanimous vote, approved changes to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that provided greater accountability, fairness, and equality for all Coloradans. But the Speaker of the House, Denver Democrat Crisanta Duran, is doing all she can to protect the unjust and unfair status quo.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission should serve all Coloradans, and not be a tool to drive a particular leftist agenda that harms people of faith.

Please contact your State Senator and Representative and ask them to support the senate amendments to safeguard your freedoms.  It only takes a few moments on our Action Center.

The last day of the Legislature is Wednesday, so please take action right away, and then pass this along to others.  Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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VICTORY! 2 States Move to Protect Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:48pm

By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance

Yesterday was an amazing day for children and families in two states—and for the Christian and other faith-based adoption agencies who serve them.

Late last night, the Kansas Legislature passed the Adoption Protection Act, making Kansas the ninth state to protect the right of faith-based adoption agencies to continue their good work. Kansas followed Oklahoma, which also passed a similar measure yesterday.

You may be wondering why we need laws to protect faith-based adoption agencies. The reason is that radical Leftist activists like the ACLU and leading LGBT activist groups want to see faith-based adoption agencies shut down across the country. They believe that agencies whose mission is to place children without a family in a loving home with a mother and a father is “discriminatory.” They’d rather see these agencies forced to close down—resulting in less opportunities for children to find a forever family—than to let them continue to live out their faith in their adoption ministry.

This just further underscores how the Left values its political agenda over what’s best for children.

But, unlike states such as Massachusetts and Illinois that have already actively pushed out faith-based adoption providers, Kansas and Oklahoma joined the growing trend to protect faith-based agencies and the children they serve.

Eric Teetsel is President of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, our ally in the Sunflower State, who helped lead the efforts on the Adoption Protection Act in Kansas. He shared with us what the bill means for his state:

“While other states shut down faith-based providers by establishing a radical, left-wing sexual litmus test, Kansas has made clear: everyone is welcome here.”

Eric also described how God worked in an amazing way to make the bill’s passage possible—even after the nation’s leading LGBT advocacy group falsely claimed that over 80 businesses opposed protecting faith-based adoption agencies and sent its president personally to the state to lobby against the bill!

“Getting the Adoption Protection Act over the line was a battle from the beginning, and – on the final day – needed four separate votes to pass.

On the first of those votes, we got the 60 we needed, but knew we had to get to 63 on “final action.” Weeks and weeks of work and we had just a few hours to find 3 more votes. But, do you know what yesterday was? National Day of Prayer.

And – get this – just before the critical House vote, a troupe of bagpipers and drummers began to play under the Capitol dome. The tune? Amazing Grace.

Read more on what happened in Kansas last night

Isn’t that incredible?

We give God all the glory for the victories in Kansas and Oklahoma!

You can help!

If you would like to join us in helping faith-based adoption agencies, we are looking for Believers to urge their U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators to pass a federal bill that will protect these incredible and selfless faith-based adoption providers across the country!

Through our Action Center, you can send an instant message to your own lawmakers.


Thank you for your help as we work together to keep kids first!

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It’s Time to Take Back Our Kids’ Sexual Education

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:43pm

By Brittany Jones, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance

Parents know their kids best. They know their moods, their sensitivities, their learning styles, and when they should be taught about things like sexuality. However, the government has largely decided that its job is to teach our children not just basic anatomy and biology, but also about sexual orientation and gender identity under the guise of “sexual education.”

It’s no surprise that parents’ rights in schools have been increasingly under attack. In California, the so-called “Healthy Youth Act” was passed in 2016 and requires that all California public schools teach children in grades 1-12 Comprehensive Sexual Education. The law requires, “[i]nstruction and materials shall teach pupils about gender, gender expression, gender identity, and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes.”

The law does allow a parent to opt out their child from sexual education material that pertains to human reproductive organs and their function. However, there is one key instructional piece that parents are not allowed to excuse their children from—instruction on gender, gender expression, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Apparently, allowing parents to decide when their children are introduced to these complex topics is “discrimination” according to the ACLU and the California School Board Association. As the Orange County Department of Education General Counsel, Ronald Wenkart, made quite clear, parents cannot keep their children out of these portions of the teaching, but of course they are welcome to tell their children that they disagree with the material their teacher just spent all day teaching them.    The General Counsel’s memo went so far as to say that once the legislature passes a law regarding what material children are taught in schools that parents have no right to interfere in that material.

The sheer breadth of this definition of “discrimination” is shocking, but the fact that a parent has no recourse to their first-grader being exposed to information about sexual orientation and gender identity is appalling.

In order for parents to reclaim their God-given right and responsibility to raise their children according to their faith and values, parents must first know what curriculum schools are considering—and what mandates schools are receiving from the government. Family Policy Alliance loves to partner with parents by providing them with easily digestible, easy-to-use information about harmful sexual education bills your state’s legislature may be considering.

Together, we can defeat bad sexual education bills like the one Idaho faced this year. We know your ministry is training up your children and grandchildren according to God’s Word. Our ministry is to alert you when your state’s legislature or Congress in D.C. is considering a bill that will protect (or harm!) your parental rights or have an impact on your family.

We are so thankful for your partnership and dedication to raising godly children—America’s next generation of godly leaders!

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Our Child and a Child of God

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 10:35am

By Stephanie Curry, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance

The image above commands our attention as a powerful symbol of a government standing between Baby Alfie and life.

This photo shows the British police guarding Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the UK Hospital where Baby Alfie died over the weekend. The police were ostensibly there to ensure the hundreds of protestors supporting baby Alfie didn’t charge into the hospital after a court decided that the hospital could remove Baby Alfie’s ventilator, against his parents’ wishes. The hospital argued keeping Alfie on a ventilator was futile and his condition was beyond hope.

Interestingly enough, the Judge writing the decision to remove Alfie’s life support wrote that Alfie’s father’s “core dilemma” was that he was, “unable to relinquish hope.” Alfie’s father, Tom, passionately argued “no stone should be left unturned” in pursuing treatment for his child, and ultimately Alfie is “our child and a child of God.”

Tom didn’t know what the future held for his son, but he certainly knew the value of his son’s life must not be in the hands of the government.

Tom had the support of a hospital in Rome, ready to take over Alfie’s care and continue his life support—even standing by to provide a full air ambulance to Italy. And if that didn’t work out, Alfie’s parents were prepared to take him to Germany. If that didn’t work, they asked the judge if they could take him home.

Yet, the UK government, both literally and figuratively, stood between Alfie and his chance of life. They denied all of Tom’s requests to remove Alfie from Alder Hey—even his request to take his son home. The judge agreed with Alder Hey that a journey to Italy or even Germany would be too risky. In other words, Alder Hey argued on one side that death would be a merciful end to Alfie’s life, but yet refused to allow him to be transported to a different hospital because there was a risk of death.

Unlike the United States, the UK government has multiple years of bad law leading up to this moment, where the government has been handed the power to use force to ensure a child’s death. British parents no longer decide the best interests of their child –the government does. And when the government decides the value of a child’s life, children lose. Children like Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, and Isaiah Haastrup.

Here in America, we still have an opportunity to ask –are these children in the care of the government, or their parents? The American legal system still considers the parent-child relationship one of the most protected and fundamental rights in the United States. Period. In the United States, our children are not the government’s kids.

But, we’re starting to see bills that resemble laws in the UK, allowing courts to overrule parents’ wishes—bills with attractive titles like “Children’s Bill of Rights.” These types of laws would remove parental considerations in determining the best interests of a child, just like in the UK.

Parents and lawmakers in America must learn from what’s happening to these precious children in the UK. Laws that proponents claimed would protect children are now being used to strip parents of their rights and devalue the relationship between a parent and child.

Family Policy Alliance is working to pass laws like Simon’s Law, that ensure parental rights are protected in the most critical moments of their child’s life. We hope you will partner with us in protecting parental rights in America.

During the summer, our team of attorneys works to draft good bills that will help protect parental rights. Please consider donating to support these efforts.

Or, please consider supporting the Statesmen Academy, a program through our Foundation that trains lawmakers to uphold the principles of protecting life and parental rights in the laws they pass. Right now, every gift to the Statesmen Academy is being doubled up to $80,000, thanks to a generous Christian family.

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Wondering What to Pray for on National Day of Prayer?

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 10:32am

Every day is a day to pray for America, but this Thursday – the National Day of Prayer – is a special reminder of the critical importance of lifting our nation before the Lord.

We all have a tendency to trust in our own efforts.  At Family Policy Alliance, we certainly believe that this team effort to mobilize citizens, equip Statesmen, and elect principled, pro-family leaders is a proven and worthy plan.  But we dare not put our trust in it.  As the Psalmist wrote, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

So please do join with Family Policy Alliance in these efforts.  But together, let’s put our trust in the only One who can truly heal our land.  And that starts with hitting our knees on Thursday – and hopefully every day.

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Which State Is the Least Tolerant & Diverse?

Fri, 04/27/2018 - 1:47pm

By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance

Tolerance and diversity. These buzzwords are the Left’s morning coffee, rallying cry, and litmus test for political office—or for anything else for that matter.

California. The state that brings us Hollywood, the LGBT mecca of San Francisco, Democratic super majorities in the legislature who can pass any Leftist policy they want, and 55 electoral votes earmarked for the Democrat presidential candidate every time.

You’d think California and “tolerance and diversity” would go together like Planned Parenthood and abortion.

But they don’t. In fact, California is the last state you should consider living in if you’re a Leftist who preaches tolerance and diversity.

California is a beautiful state. And it boasts some of the most incredible people who continue to stand strong in the face of Leftist attacks. In fact, Family Policy Alliance has its roots in California and is investing heavily there on behalf of the good people of the Golden State.

But as Californians know all too well, their politicians have been closing the state’s doors to freedom of choice, diversity of options, free speech, and even freedom of ideas for a long time. And now, a bill the state is considering this year may just be the final click of the deadbolt.

In 2012, California became the first state to ban professional counseling for children and teens who are struggling with their gender identity.  But the ban only forbids counseling that is designed to help them identify with their birth sex.

In other words, counseling that encourages children to change their gender – even to go through irreversible sex-change operations – is protected by the state.  But counseling to help them accept their God-given birth sex is outlawed. This law gives the state permission to interfere with families’ rights to direct their own healthcare goals, stifles free speech, squashes ideas that the state doesn’t like, meddles in the relationship between a healthcare professional and her patient, and, worst of all, harms children along the way by forcing them into often irreversible “gender transition” before they’re even old enough to vote.

In 2015, California’s liberal politicians passed the “Reproductive FACT Act”—now the subject of the NIFLA v. Becerra case before the Supreme Court. The Act targets prolife pregnancy centers by requiring them to advertise for abortion industry, even in their own buildings! This bears repeating. The state of California is so intolerant of the pro-life movement that it wants to not just silence prolife ministries—but force them to become billboards for the abortion industry. We expect the Supreme Court to rule that California overstepped its bounds with this law sometime in June.

Last year, the California legislature attempted to pass AB 1146, a bill targeting religious students, particularly disadvantaged minorities, that would take away their option to attend a school that aligns with their faith. The bill would have required colleges and universities to stop accepting any state funding—including students who receive Cal Grants to help disadvantaged students attend college—or else violate their faith and ministry.

In other words, it was more important to California’s leftist leaders to force Christian universities to abandon their faith in favor the state’s LGBT agenda than it was to give poor and minority students a chance to attend the college of their choice, or even to attend college at all.  Thankfully, this bill was mostly killed last year before it became law.

Now this year, the LGBT lobby is ramrodding a bill through the legislature that is perhaps the most hostile of all to tolerance and diversity. This new bill, AB 2943, would take the 2012 law banning therapy for minors even further—it would literally ban the sale of books, among other things.

The bill would ban the sale of books that express Christian, biblical beliefs about sex and sexuality. It would also classify any services (now including professional therapy for adults), speech or books to help people align their sex and sexuality with their faith, morals or personal goals as “fraud.” In fact, the bill is so broad it could censor pastors and their ability to help, or even recommend a book, to hurting people struggling with gender-identity issues or unwanted same-sex attraction.

Because the bill is so broad and clearly designed to advance the LGBT agenda with no tolerance toward differing views, it has been nicknamed the “you must stay gay” bill.

So What Can We Do? 

If You Live in California

If you live in California and haven’t yet called on your state Senator to oppose AB 2943, the “you must stay gay” bill, please use our ACTION CENTER to do so now! (If you sent a message to your Assembly member earlier, your senator still needs to hear from you.) It only takes seconds to send the message. Thousands have already sent in messages, but your state’s senators need to know that Californians want nothing to do with the Legislature’s newest attempt to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with its LGBT agenda!


If You Don’t Live in California

The sad truth is that California’s heavy-handed policies spread to other parts of the country. For example, since California first banned professional therapy for children struggling with gender identity in 2012, 10 other states (plus D.C.) enacted the same ban, and many more states—including states in the Heartland and South—have been considering such legislation. Even some cities in conservative states passed therapy bans—forcing children into counseling that only encourages them to change their gender.

Your voice is so important in preventing California’s policies from spreading to other states like yours.

First, please visit our ACTION CENTER. There is a federal bill in Congress that would ban professional therapy for children struggling with gender identity, very similar to California’s law, that would have an impact nationwide. We need your help making sure our federal lawmakers know this policy is bad for America!


Next, Family Policy Alliance is dedicated to working across the nation with families and our state-based family policy group allies to advance prolife, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom policies—and to prevent California’s intolerance from spreading. As you steward your resources, if this work is important to you, we ask you to consider partnering with us to support our nonprofit ministry.


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From The States: Nebraska-State Passes New Law to Provide Birth Certificates to Families Who Lose a Child in Miscarriage

Fri, 04/27/2018 - 1:10pm

Family Policy Alliance is proud to partner with Nebraska Family Alliance – one or over 40 state-based allies across the nation.

Our allied family policy group in Nebraska just helped pass a new law allowing families to receive a commemorative birth certificate for a baby lost in a miscarriage. Though Florida passed a similar law last year, Nebraska became the first state to not require a minimum gestation age to qualify for the certificate and to also allow the certificates to be retroactive, meaning any women in Nebraska who has suffered a miscarriage during a verified pregnancy can receive the state-issued certificate honoring their baby if they so choose.

Nate Grasz, Nebraska Family Alliance’s policy director, shared why they chose to advance this law: “It’s estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and the grief of that loss is as real as the life itself…This small, compassionate change to the law makes our state an innovative leader in supporting grieving families.”

Nebraska Family Alliance is exactly right—creating a culture of life means honoring the little lives lost in miscarriage, as well as the families who grieve.

Read More

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COLORADO: Victory! Hundreds Speak Out and Senators Respond!

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 11:24pm

Thanks to hundreds of you who spoke up through our Action Center, a Colorado Senate committee took favorable action on two bills late Monday night, with some of our Family Policy Alliance team in attendance.

On a 3-2 vote, the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee defeated the bill that would have pushed sexually confused kids toward transgenderism and homosexuality. Bills like this – banning counseling that would help kids accept their God-given birth sex – are a top priority of the LGBT lobby nationwide.  Thankfully, these three senators upheld free speech, parental rights and religious freedom by voting to defeat the bill:

Sen. Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs)
Sen. Vicki Marble (R-Ft. Collins)
Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling)

The two votes in favor of this dangerous bill were Sen. Lois Court (D-Denver) and Sen. Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder).

Also, on the same 3-2 vote, the committee passed SB 241, a bill that ensures that faith-based adoption agencies can continue to serve families in Colorado.  This is great news for religious freedom and, ultimately, for protecting the life and well-being of kids who need a forever home.  That bill continues through the process, hopefully reaching the full Senate soon.  If you haven’t yet reached out to your own senator in support of this adoption bill, do it in just seconds at our Action Center.

We hope you’re encouraged with these results.  We certainly are – not only by the votes on the bills, but by the involvement of you and hundreds of other Coloradans.  Please be on the lookout for other updates as the legislature winds down.

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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The Love that Belongs to Parents

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 3:38pm

By Stephanie Curry, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance

Alfie Evans is only 23 months old, but he has been on life support in a UK hospital for nearly half of his young life because of a degenerative brain disease. The doctors at the UK hospital determined baby Alife is in a vegetative state and that it is in his “best interests” to have his life support removed.

Katie and Tom are fighting desperately for their child’s life in the UK Court system to stop the hospital from removing Alfie’s life support.  Alfie’s parents have lost appeal after appeal to prohibit the hospital from making a choice that should only belong to the parents.  Sadly, the UK Court of Appeals agreed that keeping Alfie alive was “inhumane”. The UK Supreme Court ruled that Alfie’s life support would be “futile.” And, ironically, even the European Court of Human Rights sees nothing wrong with these decisions and rejected Alfie’s case.

This case may remind you of baby Charlie Gard, whose parents also unsuccessfully fought a UK hospital last summer to give their child a chance at life through experimental treatment. It also may remind you of Simon Crosier, who was born here in the United States. Missouri hospitals made the same decision, that Simon’s condition was futile, and he was denied life-sustaining treatment when doctors placed a do-not-resuscitate order on his file without even notifying his parents.

Alfie’s Dad, Tom Evans has described the pain his family is facing –Little Alfie is “about to be murdered.” Who can blame this father’s heart? Tom and Katie have a fierce desire to protect their child’s life. The heart of a parent fills with hope and love for their child that can only belong to parents. A love that doesn’t belong to doctors, or hospitals, or governments.

Family Policy Alliance and our state allies, along with likeminded legislators, determined that parents should never have to go through what Charlies, Simon’s, and now Alfie’s parents have faced.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas supported passing Simon’s Law, the first in the nation, that gives parents ultimate authority over whether or not a hospital can remove life-sustaining treatment from a child.

Simon’s Law legislation was also introduced in Georgia by Senator Chuck Payne, a legislator who was trained at Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy last year. Unfortunately, Simon’s Law legislation did not pass in Georgia this session. Elected leaders in Georgia thought Simon’s Law was too controversial for a vote.

This is a powerful reminder of why we need elected leaders who are willing to protect life and parental rights. The purpose of the Statesmen Academy is to train elected leaders to hold fast to their faith and principles in public office and to advance the values—like life and parental rights—that we care about through the laws they pass.  Senator Chuck Payne advances these values in his position, but he can’t do it alone.

We still have a chance in America to fight for the right of parents to parent. Simon’s Law will be coming up again in Georgia next session, and other states. As elections draw nearer, be looking for candidates who cherish life and believe parents are in the best position to love and protect their children!

And, if you’d like to support the Statesmen Academy, a generous Christian family has provided a matching grant for this June’s Statesmen Academy, so every dollar given now will be matched—up to $80,000!

Give Now

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DELAWARE: Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 9:06pm

The Delaware House could vote any day now on a bill that would push many minors towards transgenderism.  Your quick help is needed to stop it!

Senate Bill 65 is what is known as a “therapy ban.”  It would ban professional counseling for children and teens who are struggling with their gender identity.  But the ban would ONLY forbid counseling that is designed to help them identify with their birth sex.

In other words, counseling that encourages them to change their gender – even to go through irreversible sex-change operations – would be protected by the state.  But counseling to help them accept their God-given birth sex would be outlawed.

Incredibly, such laws have already passed in California and a few other states.  But it has also been stopped in many.  That’s why your voice is so critical!

The bill would also affect counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction.  This type of counseling has helped thousands of young people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction, which often arises out of sexual abuse.  But if SB 65 passes, these young people will only be allowed to get counseling that encourages homosexuality.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Please click here to send a note to your state representative. It’s quick and easy on our Action Center – even if you don’t know who your state representative is.
  2. Please pass this email along to friends and fellow church members so they can make their voice heard as well. It’s important that the legislature gets the message loud and clear!

Thank you for making a difference!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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COLORADO: Adoption & Religious Freedom Are on the Line on Monday

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 1:59pm

As you may have heard, LGBT activists around the country have been ganging up on faith-based adoption agencies – forcing them to either violate their beliefs by placing children with homosexual couples … or to shut down.

Already, they have forced such non-profit groups to close their doors in Massachusetts, Illinois, D.C., and parts of California.  They are actively suing in several other states, and Colorado faith-based agencies are feeling tremendous pressure.

That’s why state Sen. Kevin Lundberg sponsored SB 241, a bill to protect the right of conscience of Colorado’s faith-based adoption agencies.  His bill will be heard in a key state senate committee on Monday afternoon, and the outcome could very well depend on which Coloradans those senators are hearing from.

Will you speak up for adoption and religious freedom by sending a quick note to the committee members today?  It’s quick and easy on our Action Center.

How does the attack on faith-based adoption agencies affect kids?

First, the more adoption agencies there are to walk alongside birth moms and to assist adopting families, the greater the number of children who will be able to find a forever home.  Specifically, faith-based agencies are especially successful at finding homes for children who are hard to place – the severely abused, older children, and those with special needs.

Second, birth moms often select faith-based agencies because they want their child placed in a home that aligns with their faith, or because the agency was the one that took time to really listen and walk with her through a difficult time.

Please protect these vital ministries by asking the senate committee members to support SB 241.  And please share this friends and fellow church members so they can make their voice heard, too.

Thank you for making a difference!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

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