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Contact the Nampa Mayor and members of the Nampa City Council to express your opinion. (Helpful bullet points listed below)

NAMPA IDAHO Mayoral candidate Melissa Sue Robinson wants to change the definition of marriage, family, and gender in Nampa. According to the Idaho Statesman she “has secured a spot on the Aug. 5 Nampa City Council agenda to argue that Nampa should join Boise and other Idaho cities in adopting an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Born a man, Robinson had surgery in 1998 to become a woman. Her campaigns have been a platform for her pressing for expanding civil rights protections in housing and the workplace”.. “Nampa Mayor Tom Dale told the Idaho Press Tribune the measure is unnecessary.”

What does candidate Melissa Sue Robinson’s proposal look like? A copy of it can be found here >>

Sandwiched in between a litany of immutable characteristics and time honored Constitutional freedoms is some intriguing, insidious language.

Here are some “highlights”: “…declaring that discrimination or harassment against any person because of irrelevant characteristics, including actual or perceived race, religion, ancestry, national origin, color, sex, age, height, weight, student status, marital status, familial status, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, mental or physical limitation, or source of income is prohibited.”

  • Her proposal changes the definition of marriage: “Marital status: The state of being single, married, separated, divorced, in a functional family, or a surviving spouse.”
  • Her proposal Redefines family: Familial status: The state of being in a family or functional family”

What is a “functional family”? “Functional family: A group of individuals who do not meet the definition of “family,” living together as a single housekeeping unit and intending to live together as a single housekeeping unit for the indefinite future.”...

  • A “functional family”, according to this politician/activist fits the criteria for a marital status and the criteria for family.
  • Her proposal redefines male and female: Gender identity or expression: A person’s gender-related self-perception, appearance, expression or behavior, regardless of that person’s sex at birth. …This means that whatever gender a person self identifies with is their gender for the amount of time they wish to claim to be that gender.
  • Ms. Robinson’s proposed ordinance changes the definition of man, woman, husband, wife, mom, dad, etc. Characteristics of male or female that you are BORN WITH are irrelevant to their gender according to Ms. Robinson. The fact that you were “Born this Way” i.e. as a girl or a boy, is no longer important or relevant in her politically correct Nampa.
  • Candidate Robinson’s ordinance introduces THOUGHT POLICE to Nampa: Irrelevant characteristic/irrelevant characteristics defined as: Any status or condition which is unrelated to a person’s ability to Safely and competently perform specific duties of a particular job or profession, or qualify for promotion, Use or benefit from a place of public accommodation, Use or benefit from public services, or Acquire, rent, or maintain property.
  • Irrelevant characteristics” do not include bona fide occupational qualifications but do include a person’s actual or perceived race, religion, ancestry, national origin, color, sex, age, height, weight, student status, marital status, familial status, housing status, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, mental or physical limitation, and source of income.
  • Bathrooms no longer for just women or just men: Place of public accommodation: A place open to the general public that is a facility or business of any educational, governmental, nonprofit, health, day care, entertainment, cultural, recreational, refreshment, transportation, or human services, financial, or other business of any kind, whose goods, services, facilities, activities, privileges, or advantages are extended, offered, sold, rented, leased, or otherwise made available to the public.
  • The good news is that Melissa Sue Robinson DOES NOT advocate the creation of a criminal charge against a citizen in Nampa who is charged with violating her ordinance. The penalty listed in the mayoral candidates proposed ordinance would be a civil infraction not punishable by imprisonment, instead is punishable by a fine that increases incrementally.


  • WRITE AN EMAIL to the Mayor and City Council members for the Aug. 5 meeting.
  • PRAY that Nampa takes the mantle as the first Idaho city to stop serious encroachment on freedom.
  • PRAY for everyone involved in this battle….including Melissa Sue Robinson.


Whatever you choose to say please say it respectfully!

  1. Bullet point information:
    • Ms. Robinson’s proposal is loaded with potential for religious freedom violations.
    • Parents: There are no protections written in this proposal to prohibit a heterosexual predator or pedophile from posing as “transgender” to gain access to a child through a restroom, locker room, or dressing room. The magic words, “I am a woman” gain access for any heterosexual or homosexual male. It doesn’t matter what the “intent” of the law is when the language of the law allows this to happen. Ordinance’s like this remove the barrier from being able to keep the crime from happening.
    • Churches: Churches are not clearly exempt from allowing the use of their building for purposes that violate their religious freedom. Furthermore, this proposal could force a church or a parachurch organization, like ministries to homeless, adoption agencies, pregnancy resource centers, etc. to hire homosexuals and transgender citizens regardless of the organization’s religious beliefs. Churches & religious organizations face the threat of harassment and expensive, frivolous lawsuits.
    • Business Owners: Every business in or that works with the city of Nampa would face the threat of frivolous lawsuits - regardless of their views on homosexuality and gender. There is no protection for a private business that has religious objections to this proposed Bathroom Bill. Businesses are put in a no-win situation regarding restroom practices. They would be forced to allow a man dressed as a woman into their women’s restroom, but risk alienating and offending other customers. Similarly, a business would be forced to allow an employee to use whatever restroom or locker room they choose, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes other employees and customers.
    • These Bathroom Bills create a “sue first ask questions later” mentality.
    • It would be irresponsible for the City Council to put every child, business owner, church, and religious organization at risk because of a political agenda from a vocal minority.

Contact the Mayor and members of the Nampa City Council and ask them to stop any further progress on any proposed so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance….including the one that mayoral candidate Melissa Sue Robinson will present.

  • Ask them to vow to prioritize protecting women and children.
  • Ask them to prioritize protecting religious freedom for every citizen, church, and business in Nampa.


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