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Idaho Legislators heard from thousands of Idahoans from all over the state who spoke out on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Association and the anti-freedom dangers of HB 2…. The Add the Words/ Forced Participation Bill.

Today the House State Affairs Committee voted to STOP this ill- advised bill and end its movement for this year. All of the Republicans on the committee voted to defeat the HB 2 and all Democrats voted to promote it.

YOU and YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES determined this freedom-limiting bill was not legally necessary for our already diverse and tolerant state.

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INDIVIDUAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS’ EMAILS: Chairman Thomas Loertscher: Rep. Vito Barbieri: Rep. Gayle Batt: Rep. Ken Andrus: Rep. Linden Bateman: Rep. Lynn Luker: Rep. Brent Crane: Rep. Joe Palmer: Rep. Kathleen Sims: Rep. James Holtzclaw: Rep. Don Cheatham: Rep. Shannon McMillan: Rep. Pete Nielsen:


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