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On MONDAY, two important pro-family bills HB 113aa Promoting and Protecting
Parental Rights and HB 154aa Physician Physical Presence in Chemical Abortion
will be debated on and voted on by the entire Senate.

On Friday, we sent you information on HB 113aa and how you can be involved in its success.

Today we are sending you information on HB 154aa and how you can help in its success!

HB 154aa
Abortion via Remote Control

Chemicals, A Monitor, and a Doctor…Somewhere Else

HB 154 The WEBCAM ABORTION bill was slightly amended in the Senate and now MUST BE VOTED ON BY THE ENTIRE SENATE

Read amendments here >>


They will DEBATE & VOTE ON HB 154aa in the SENATE

Your prompt action is needed!!

  1. TODAY send an email to lawmakers in the Idaho SENATE.
  2. Ask them to VOTE YES HB 154 Contact Information & bullet points below! (TIP: save a copy of your email to send to the entire House later. We will get those addresses to you in a future alert)
  3. MONDAY MORNING Call the main switchboard 208-332-1000 and leave a message for YOUR SENATOR and ask them to VOTE YES HB154aa (the switchboard is closed on the weekend, but you can send email anytime)

Don’t’ let your voice be drowned out by Planned Parenthood’s and their latest abortion scheme!

  1. FORWARD this email to your contact list.
  2. ATTEND the Senate Floor session or listen to the debate online….information below


  • Send an email to the members of the Senate (Here is a little help)
    1. Copy and paste the list of Senators’ email addresses from the bottom of this Alert into the “Blind Copy” or “BCC” box of your email message. Insert your own email address in the “To” box.
    2. In your “Subject” box put “SUPPORT HB 154aa”
    3. Begin your message with “Dear Senator” as your salutation
  • Compose a short and polite message explaining why the Senator should support House Bill 154aa. If you’d like, you can use some of the bullet points below.

Idaho Senator Email Addresses;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


  • No qualified medical personnel examines the woman and rule out life-threatening risks such as an ectopic pregnancy.
  • What happens if there is a complication? Who cares for the woman when the doctor who gave her the chemical drug has never even examined her?
  • Many teens are choosing chemical abortion and the drugs have never been tested for safety on girls under 18 years old. To have an untested, toxic chemical administered without a doctor present is dangerous and irresponsible.
  • Chemical abortions via webcam are a lucrative business model designed to minimize overhead for Planned Parenthood
  • Chemical abortions are less messy for Planned Parenthood and more traumatizing for women, because the women and teens are forced to deal with the hemorrhaging and the dead baby at home – alone.
  • Chemical abortions are not less intrusive. They are more abusive
  • Complications can include excessive blood loss requiring transfusion, Undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, bacterial infection, hospitalization and death
  • Web-cam chemical abortion is an irresponsible corruption of legitimate telemedicine
  • You can listen to the Senate floor debate in the gallery on the 4th floor or watch online HERE
  • Senate Monday 03-23-15 Agenda HERE

More HB 154aa Information if you need it:

The Issue: What is a Web-cam Abortion?

"Web-cam abortions" are (RU-486) chemical abortions done by a video conferencing system where the abortionist is located at one location and uses a type of closed circuit TV to talk over a computer video screen with a girl who is at another location. The chemicals are dispensed by a remote control which opens a drawer near the woman. She removes the pills herself. The abortionist never sees the woman in person. They’re never actually in the same room.


It is actually very modest. It simply requires a physician prescribing RU-486 deal to conduct an in-person examination of the woman before giving her the drug(s). That examination should involve confirmation of the baby’s gestational age and whether the baby is located in the uterus (as opposed to the fallopian tube).

The bill requires a physician to make “every effort” to get the woman back in for a follow-up examination after the abortion is completed, to make sure that the abortion has actually been completed, and to determine whether the woman has any complications (i.e., bleeding, infection).

What Do these RU-486 Pills Do?

Ru-486 involves a 2-drug regimen, mifepristone (mif’-pris-tone) and misoprostol (my’-so-prost’-ol).

The first drug is taken to kill the baby by depriving it of nutrients. The woman/girl takes this chemical while in front of the webcam.

She takes the other pills home to take later. Several days later she will go into labor and expel the baby…often all alone.

As you would think, these chemical cocktails can be very dangerous.


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