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HB 113a
Was Amended & PASSED in the SENATE

It has a just a few more steps on its journey to become law!
It must now return to the House of Representatives for
Final Approval THIS WEEK

At the request of Senate Majority Leader, Bart Davis, the original bill was replaced with a more specific one. The expanded bill goes even further in the recognition and protection of parental rights. This is one time when the amending process has taken a very good bill and turned it into a truly exceptional bill.

The bill’s sponsors – Representative Janet Trujillo and Senator Sheryl Nuxoll – as well as Idaho Coalition of Home Educators, Cornerstone Family Council,, and Home School Legal Defense Association are all delighted with this outcome!

Read the stronger amended bill here >>

So it is time to finish strong and send one last email!

What Can You Do to Propel HB 113 Over the Finish Line?

  • Call 208-332-1000 to leave a message for Your Own Representative, asking them to Vote YES on HB113a. (remember, the Capitol switchboard only takes calls on weekdays)
  • Send a short email to ALL members of the House (Here is a little help) If you have a copy of the letter you sent to the Senators you can just copy and paste it as your email for the Representatives.
    1. Copy and paste the list of Representatives’ email addresses from the bottom of this Alert into the “Blind Copy” or “BCC” box of your email message. Insert your own email address in the “To” box.
    2. In your “Subject” box put “SUPPORT HB 113a”
    3. Begin your message with “Dear Representative” as your salutation
    4. Compose a short and polite message explaining why the Representative should support HB 113a. In your own words, for example:
      1. The right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children has been recognized as a fundamental right for centuries.
      2. The family is the cornerstone of society and must be strengthened.
      3. A steady erosion of support for parental rights has been taking place within the federal courts—leaving the child-parent relationship exposed to the eminent danger of government intrusion. HB 113a would place in statute that parental rights is a fundamental right.
      4. HB 113a brings accountability for illegal intrusion into family relationships.
      5. Society does better when the state does not interfere in the family. Children raised by their parents are the most successful in the long run.
      6. Our state laws should uphold that which is best for our society.
    5. End by thanking them for their service to our state.
  • Finally: PLEASE forward this email to as many friends and family members as possible & encourage them to join you in speaking out!

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