House Bill 2 Alert

From the CFC e-alert Service




House Bill 2 will make it a crime in Idaho to live your faith, choose with whom you associate and do business with; effectively abolishing your rights … by adding the 4 undefined words “gender orientation and sexual identity” to the Human Rights Code…Words sold to us as the solution that would stop anyone from discriminating against or criticizing homosexuals, men who want to be treated as women, or women who want to be treated as men. The law will apply in almost all matters of employment, business, and public accommodations (including public restrooms and locker rooms). The criminal penalties will apply regardless of whether your own faith encourages you to view these behaviors as immoral. Violation will subject you to penalties of up to 6 months in jail.

This appalling outcome will result if House Bill 2 adds the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to laws that have historically protected against racial and sexual discrimination.

Unless your legislators hear from you now – and from your friends who share your views – this bill may pass. And we’ve seen in Coeur d’Alene just three months ago how ruthlessly such a law will be applied. Under a similar city ordinance last fall, two Christian pastors were threatened with jail for refusing to perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals right here in Idaho.

If this bill passes, your Constitutional right to the free exercise of your faith will mean nothing. Your right to freedom of speech will be trampled. Your right to live your life in accord with the dictates of your own conscience will cease to exist. Unless . . .

What can you do? Let your legislators hear from you by email right now and at the coming committee hearing on the bill. Encourage them to stand their ground against this oppressive effort. If you fail to step forward for this battle, you will have no one to blame but yourself for the tragic outcome.

Here’s how you can lend your voice to this effort:

  1. Send two sets of emails today to the email list, below:
    1. First to all of Idaho’s Representatives as a group; and
    2. Then individual emails to each member of the House State Affairs Committee. This bill will be heard in that committee on Monday, January 26th at 8:00 a.m.
  2. Send an effective email to your Representatives:
    1. Group Email: Copy the whole list, below, all at once and paste it onto the “BCC” or “Blind Copy” line of your email. Place your own email address in the “To” box. For a salutation, simply use “Dear Representative”
    2. Individual Emails: Send separately to the 17 Representatives who are on the House State Affairs Committee where the Bill will be considered next Monday. As your salutation, use “Dear Representative _____”
    3. For all of these emails:
      1. In your “Subject” box put “Vote No on House Bill 2”
      2. Compose a short and polite message explaining why the Representative should vote against House Bill 2. Below is a list of reasons to oppose this Bill.
      3. End by thanking them for their service to our state.
  3. Finally, forward this email to as many friends as possible encouraging them to join you in this effort.
  4. Then, attend the Committee hearing in the West Wing auditorium in the capitol building at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, January 26th, to let your voice be heard and your sacred liberties preserved. Indicate your opposition to the House Bill 2 when you sign in at the committee meeting. Last year there were over 400 people opposing our bill extending our religious liberties. Your presence – whether or not you speak – is crucial.

GROUP EMAIL LIST OF ALL REPRESENTATIVES:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

INDIVIDUAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS’ EMAILS: Chairman Thomas Loertscher: Rep. Vito Barbieri: Rep. Gayle Batt: Rep. Ken Andrus: Rep. Linden Bateman: Rep. Lynn Luker: Rep. Brent Crane: Rep. Joe Palmer: Rep. Kathleen Sims: Rep. James Holtzclaw: Rep. Don Cheatham: Rep. Shannon McMillan: Rep. Pete Nielsen: Rep. Elaine Smith: Rep. Melissa Winthrow: Rep. Paulette Jordan: Rep. John McCrostie:

Reasons to Oppose House Bill 2

  • Idaho is already a tolerant state. We want to ensure that everyone is able to freely run their business without coercion regardless of sexual orientation.
  • Any legislation that allows government coercion should be opposed. Coercion is not an American value.
  • Americans must be free to decide what they believe and what they value without government-sponsored intimidation.
  • Pastors shouldn’t have to choose between speaking freely from the pulpit or giving up their freedom of speech & religion under the threat of punishment.
  • In the end, this bill is really about giving social engineers a license to bully fellow Idahoans with whom they disagree.
  • Every citizen of Idaho has the right to live free, including family business owners.
  • No state agency or elected official should use their power to coerce or force a citizen of Idaho, under the threat of punishment, to surrender their constitutionally-protected religious & speech freedoms.
  • Everyone should be free to go to a public restroom without fear about what they might see or what might happen to them inside.
  • Legally inviting men, even those who are sexually confused, into the public restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms used by women and girls needlessly compromises the protection, privacy, and safety or women and children.
  • The government shouldn’t dictate to business owners—regardless of sexual orientation—whom they can hire or who they must serve.
  • Passing laws that give special status or that guarantee special protections for some, but punishes others, is reckless and undermines true diversity and equality.