Importance of Traditional Marriage

Importance of Traditional Marriage
Bullet Points

Excerpted From:

Glen Stanton: “Why Not Gay Marriage?”

Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey:  Marriage and the Public Good:  Ten Principles

  1. Marriage serves a necessary public purpose; and it does so as a heterosexual institution, serving both religious and civic needs.
  2. If we redefine marriage for this experiment, where do we stop?
  3. Same-sex marriage — lacking a husband or wife, mother or father -- is nothing like interracial marriage.
  4. Marriage between a man and a woman promotes and protects the well-being of children. It is cruel to subject children to experimental families.
  5. The professional medical organizations that have supported same-sex parenting did so as a policy decision based on cultural bias, rather than based on research data.
  6. When marriage is weakened the equality gap widens as children suffer from the disadvantages of growing up in homes without committed mothers and fathers.
  7. Thousands of studies show that children do best with married mothers and fathers.
  8. Any family that says male and female are optional is not a good human family, no matter how loving it might be.
  9. Marriage between a man and a woman sustains civil society and promotes the common good.
  10. Because both male and female are essential for the family and society, society needs natural marriage.  It has no need for experimental families.